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Optimize and maximize value
return on project

Making smarter decisions from our industry-leading solution for semiconductor industry




Most fast performance

beeHive platform supports easy and most fastest yield analysis solution for Semiconductor industry. With root-cause analysis and predictive maintenance, users at all levels can identify inefficiencies, spot opportunities for improvement, and avoid problems.


Smart factory competiveness

Qulity issues can results very expensive output. Lean smart factory technology monitor and identify huge expense in operation, then rapid response to quality issues detection can be benefit on budget saving. Smart factory focus rapid root cause analysis that help correcting process flaws and increase product yields.



Complex Semiconductor data analytics

Full-automation availability with powerful analytics technology can leverages complex data analytics challenges. Operation, resource utilization and monitoring productivity result operation effective and competive product quality.


Whole story visual analytics

Interactive apps and dashboards allow you get whole story of visualization and guide to big data insight easily. beeHive platform empowers business users use intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use interface for viewing whole data story and workflow in advanced analytics technology from complex Semiconductor data.


  • All the resources used on beeHive are optimized for scale-out by increasing the number of linked servers using beeCloud to improve processing power, and can be auto scaled. In addition, it does not require any installation to process large amounts of data, thus reducing the burden on users to store and manage data directly in their workspace.
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