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Learning how to make enterprise application and doing best practices
hbee’s modern and flexible training accelerate your skill and product expertise higher

hbee Training

Opportunity to acquire and improve expertise in products



The innovative change in your organization begins with you. Do not miss this opportunity if you want to get the most out of each product or if you want to gain more professional knowledge of cloud-based Big Data Visualization. Our training ranges from training for some staff to entire organization. You have time and place restrictions? We offer a variety of flexible training schedules to become more professional users, developers and project managers.


For staffs and managers

The training required for practitioners includes a wide range of basic product usage, use of technical specialized products, and the use of ultimate products through collaboration between products.

  • Basic Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Collaborative Training

For enterprises

The enterprise training basically introduces the difference between the product that was used before and the product of hbee, and it can teach what kind of synergy can be generated by linking with the database, server and etc. used in the company. In addition, it is included the basic product usage and the way to collaborative tasks process.

  • Basic Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Collaborative Training


hbee provides high-quality education services to build expertise on products, to improve understanding of them,
and to learn various usages and skills needed to use them.
The ongoing education is conducted by carefully selected professional educators, and customized training is carried out according to the level of the students. Through our extensive training courses, it is our ultimate goal of hbee training to make our students use our products better. Training for practitioners will offer a test to see how much practitioners understand and are able to use the products before the training progresses. As a result of it, professional educators will offer lectures that fit the level of practitioners. Training for enterprise is an enterprise-wide education, and the lectures are necessary for companies to use our solution throughout the companies. Based on collaborative training, you can learn basic and advanced usage of our products. The training is divided into three levels: Basic training, Advanced training, and Collaborative training. In the basic training, you will learn how to use hbee’s overall products and what you can do with it. From the advanced course, a lecture will have a simple project that helps you to understand in real projects. The goal of this course is to make sure that you do not have any difficulty in conducting your work in the field. Collaborative Training is unique to hbee, providing courses on the interoperability of our various products. You will learn how to use multiple products in conjunction with each other, so you can learn what kind of synergies you can make throughout the projects.

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