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beeBrain Deep-Learning Platform

Analyze big-data with deep-learning and machine-learning library
Gain powerful predictive insights from Big-data analysis
Learn world’s best advanced data analytics platform
Easily share your applications and collaborate with Big-data teams

beeBrain Deep-Learning Platform Overview

beeBrain Platform is new generation platform that optimized for Big-data analysis tasks on individual docker application server.
Powerful packages for data handling give you cutting-edge eco-system using PYTHON and R language.



beeBrain platform provides easy and intuitive interface for Big-data analysis. beeBrain support flexible and powerful modules and
features that is enable to get powerful Big-data analysis environment. Your analytics application can share conveniently through b-Store
and b-App. Deep learning and Machine learning library technology give most powerful tools you to get high quality analytics report.
And GPU technology and modern individual application server make you most fastest Big-data analytics environment.

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Open-source language support

Currently beeBrain analytics supports PYTHON/R open source language. PYTHON/R is powerful Big-data analytics solution for setting up custom environment for user in just one minute. beeBrain currently give basic workspace types for PYTHON/R in launcher.
All integrated and unified analysis environment with full support open source language build your own custom-made workspace.


Deep-learning & GPU technology

Interactivity of modern GPU technology operate beeBrain’s infra service with full capability of maximum speed and powerful Deep-learning frameworks ability for users to optimize Big-data analysis like neural network in easy way. With advanced graph algorithms, power users build and trains deep-learning models and perform large-data set computations represent mathematical operations quickly.


Powerful security standards

beeBrain Deep-learning Platform support high class industry-edge security features and boost up Big-data analysis project by running imformation protect features. With operating rapid analysis project, our powerful beeBrain security features provides essential deployment technology publishing and sharing your application with other users through all scope of process.


beeBrain platform is predictive analytics software that runs on standalone mode. Setting advanced analytics environment can perform easy-to-use and elegantly generate your analytics apps. Data scientists and analysts register their apps in b-Store module and common users download then can be installed b-App module automatically. In b-Config module users configure analytics application’s resources.



  • By ready for power users, data analysis team conveniently create their Big-data analysis project easily and quickly.
  • With customized and centralized workspace for own workspace can manage user’s resource and data conectivitys in own way.
  • b-Studio and b-Hub bring reliability, security, and efficiency into Big-data team and personal user’s private & stable workspace in significantly saving infra costs.


  • Personalized and standardized UI provides transparency and reproducibility for easy collaboration to Big-data team and organization.
  • By setting up collaboration swiftly organization’s customized solution can make collaboration into connecting all layers of company’s organization conveniently.
  • Enhancing sharing and collaboration make deploy and deliver user’s work to their client around the globe.

Bokeh & plotly app support

  • beeBrain can develop easy and quick application and support Bokeh & plotly.
  • Bokeh is python interactive visualization library that support modern application capability with guarantee world’s best class performance over Big-data datasets.
  • Bokeh and plotly extend abundant-interactive analysis report and fresh dashboard application for user’s data analysis story.

Flask & Shiny web-app support

  • Flask & Shiny is web-app framework for Python & R. Flask & Shiny support more explicit code and easy to getting start simple app up and running.
  • Shiny give data story approach to users with fresh and interactive way.
  • Users can build standalone web-apps on modern web browser or embedded. Users also extend their shiny web-apps with script language.

beeBrain Collector

  • beeBrain Collector follows authentic beeBrain API rules and beeBrain Loader can select data defined with No access directly to the database.
  • beeBrain Collector represented and defined devotedly low-level API reference from your application, easy-to-use libraries in beeBrain Collector make it taking care of request authentication, serialization, and connection management.

Jupyterhub & Deep Learning Frameworks

  • Full-featured jupyter notebook and advanced analytics platform powered by Jupyterhub and Deep Learning Framework as Tensorflow, Keras and Mxnet.
  • Interactive notebooks and deep-learning application for modern data scientist’s big-data analysis environment.
  • beeBrain empowers data scientists with instant collaboration and version control at b-Hub.
Jupyterhub & Deep Learning FrameWorks

Deployment technology

  • Full-featured jupyter notebook and advanced analytics platform powered by Jupyterhub and tensorflow.
  • Interactive notebooks and deep-learning application for modern data scientist’s big-data analysis environment.
  • beeBrain empowers data scientists with instant collaboration and version control at bHub.

beeSmart App

  • Users can publish shiny-app and flask application in design environment without programming. And beeSmart App can make deployment and modification using honeybee chart and beeBrain component optimized in Big-data directly.
  • Shiny-app and flask can make application jupyter code level but beeSmart support high level interface for publishing shiny-app and flask application.

Spark App

  • beeBrain supports Spark application that has as its architectural foundation the resilient distributed dataset (RDD) and is maintained in a fault-tolerant way.
  • Spark is data processing tool and operates with data collection distribution in upper level space.
  • Apache Spark is 100% opensource, beeBrain totally supports maintaining Apache Spark engineered by in-memory computing and brilliant speed optimized in 100x faster than Hadoop cluster.