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beeCloud Chart Suites

High performance visualization for Big-data
Deploy intuitive and easy-to-use technology
Simply interacting with our visualization workflows
Enable your data discovery connect to answers
Do more and bring smarter on honeybee chart

beeCloud Chart Suites Overview

A solution that optimized for data visualization
Rapid analysis and visualization of big data



beeCloud Chart Suites is optimized for data visualization and provides various types of data visualization with optimal performance even in big data environment. It is a solution that draws hundreds to thousands of charts simultaneously with a large amount of data in a short time. Parallel processing of data and charts makes it one of the best in the industry. beeCloud Chart Suites is able to shorten the duration of your project and also is easy to maintain. It has already been proven by the industry’s leading companies.


Big Data

Regardless of the amount of data

Worried that it is too much to handle with? beeCloud Chart Suites is meant for that. Provide enterprise optimized environment that can process unlimited data in any circumstances. You cannot see all the data, but we can show you all.



The world’s fastest big data visualization

Not many companies offer a solution that can handle big data. And no other solution is faster than the one we provide. We have developed a unique technique that makes big data into thousands of charts in a short time. beeCloud Chart Suites is an innovative technology that opens a new horizon for Big Data Visualization.



User-friendly interface

beeCloud Chart Suites does not require any extra learning of how to use it. Modern and Simple interface allows you to work fast and understand the meaning of the data even faster.


beeCloud Chart Suites is a cloud based platform that shares resources, insights and values discovered from analysis of big data. Visualization of big data is the unique feature of beeCloud. It is processing images in distributed way so that it is suitable for big data visualization. With beeCloud Chart Suites, projects that are undertaken will be done in a short period of time. And different type of OS, platform and application can be covered since it is the cross-application solution.

A variety of dashboards

BCS supports a variety of dashboards including Gallery, Thumbnail, Max, Analytics, and more.
The gallery displays up to 100 charts on one side.
Max can display one chart on one screen and move charts in the preview window.
Thumbnails can be viewed via mouseover.
Analytics provides analysis capabilities such as Python, R integration, Drildown Chart, and Navigation.

A variety of dashboards_new
Various convenience functions_new

Various convenience functions

BCS offers a variety of convenience features such as zoom, control limits, tooltips, and legend color changes.

Provides advanced analysis including Python, R, and score sorting

BCS supports analysis by python, R and chart sorting by score such as F-score, R-score, Z-score and CPK, and wafer clustering.

Provides advanced analysis through Python, R_python_new_03
Web・CS Version_new

Web・CS Version

It provides two versions of BCS C / S and WEB. All functions implemented in C / S are operated on WEB.
In addition, worklist and Favorites can be shared by WEB and C / S for each user.

Additional Features

Enable cloud resources

beeCloud Chart Suites is an analytics platform hosted in the cloud. You can share insights with your colleagues to discover veiled chances of values with our big data visualization

Distributed processing of images

beeCloud Chart Suites can display large amounts of data on many charts. Experience a whole new level of big data visualization with our unique Images Distributed Process technique

Shortened project duration

Because everything is applied, we can shorten the duration of you projects by taking our solutions.
Furthermore, it is accessible from any of various applications within different operation systems or platforms.

Cross-applications solution

beeCloud Chart Suites is able to function on more than one computer architecture or operating system