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hbee, Inc.

hbee is a professional Big-data visualization chart company that brings its related modern products, flexible private-cloud platforms,
frameworks, analytics engines and monitoring solutions to customers around the world.
Regardless of the size, industry, or geography of your organization, you can use hbee’s solutions
to analyze and visualize Big-data for data insight and better decision making.
hbee always strives to provide the world’s best engineering performance of analytical quality and infra layers for Big-data visualization chart.
We focus on realizing the true meaning of Big-data visualization analysis. By allowing to see company’s Big-data without clearing data domain,
hbee’s platform easily and quickly analyze Big-data according to enterprise size and a wide range of industry sectors.



A global leader of
Big Data Visualization

Einstein’s prophecy “once honeybee paper writer becomes extinct, earth will be destroyed within four years”. Forty percent of plant is an entomophilous flower, and eighty percent of them are pollinated by honeybee.

“I bet hbee will be like honeybee in IT industry.”

– Myoung Soo KANG, hbee CEO –

hbee was founded to achieve one belief

Providing the world fastest big data visualization by
leveraging peoples expertise, introducing advanced technology, and improving existing inconveniences.
We believe it is meaningful when the data is visible.
In order to do that, we develop new technologies to stay ahead of
the changes without resting on the reality.


hbee Founder


Myeongsoo Kang

Support Team


Seungchan Baek

Business Team


Jongha Kim

Research Institute

hbee careers

All the resources used on beeHive are optimized for scale-out by increasing the number of linked servers using beeCloud to improve processing power, and can be auto scaled. In addition, it does not require any installation to process large amounts of data, thus reducing the burden on users to store and manage data directly in their workspace.



A person who does not conform to change,
but who leads change



Create the best value through
collaborative work and thought



Overcoming limitations
by endless challenges

Position Opening (South Korea)

Software Engineer, Senior level
Semiconductor industry, YMS analysis system
WinForm(C#), ASP.NET development
Hwasung (HQ) / Tangjung Asan
Database administrator, Senior level
Semiconductor industry, YMS oracle system
DBA, ETL system development
Hwasung (HQ)
Software Engineer, Senior level
Big-data system quality and management
Hadoop, Hbase, Shell-script, GPDB
Hwasung (HQ)


  • 2012
    • 06hbee, Inc. founded
  • 2014
    •  Big-data Visualization solution project
  • 2015
    •  Big-data Visualization solution project
  • 2016
    •  Big-data Visualization solution project
  • 2017
    • 01Product launching honeybeeChartProduct launching beeCloud FrameworkProduct launching beeCloud Analytics
    • 02Company office relocation
    • 04Establishing hbee labs
    • 09Data visualization patent registration
    • 12Accredited in venture corporation
  • 2018
    • 02Product launching beeBrain
    • 04ISO9001 Certification
    • 05INNOBIZ Certification
    • 09Product launching BeeCloud Chart Suites
    • 10Chart for Big Data patent registration
    • 12Recognized as an excellent company for job creation in Gyeonggi-doAcquired GS certification for BCS
  • 2019
    • 01Selected as youth-friendly small giants by Ministry of Employment and Labor in 2019Headquarters moved to Dongtan 2 New Town
    • 04Selected as Small but strong Enterprise by Ministry of Employment and Labor in 2019
    • 06BeeBrain AI Lab established in Seoul
    • 07Selected as an excellent venture company by korea Venture Business Association